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    • You can use the indicator after proven to master main strategies.
    • Does not include Forex or Binary Course.
  • $249.95 billed every 3 months until canceled
    • You can use the indicator after proven to master main strategies.
    • Does not include Forex or Binary Course.
  • $449.95 billed every 6 months until canceled. *
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    • Includes $2,997.00 value Binary Course, with mentoring.
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    • Includes $5,997.00 value Binary Course, with mentoring.
    • Does not include Binary Course.


* One full year of subscription is required to receive the videos plus mentoring for the Binary Course and two full years of subscription required to receive the Forex Course and mentoring.

Follow the Money FX is a set of methods / trading strategies I devised designed for people who have never traded before. They are simple, straight forward without all the other necessary technical elements needed to do well from the get go!

The Binary Course is all about Price Action. It’s similar to the Forex Course, but more focused on PA. Binary Trading is far more difficult than Trading Forex. With the Binaries, you have to take an “educated guess” where the next bar, or next several bars will be – higher or lower in order to win your Bet.

The Forex course, is for people wishing to become an independent trader. To know all there is to know about how to trade on a MT4 Trading Platform (which is free). I take you from the ground up. After you have finished the Forex Course (153 videos – 24 hours of content) you will be able to use every indicator available. Every Line Tool available. And how to read Candle Sticks correctly. By the end of it, not only do I provide 38 strategies in there, but you will be able to create your own strategies. Turning you into a Free Style Trader – adapting to every move without having to stick to one strategy like most newbies do.

Get your Binary Account – Click here: >> https://followthemoneyfx.com/LegitBinaryBroker.php – Sorry, Americans can not join
Get your Forex Account – Click here: >> https://followthemoneyfx.com/FastPayingZeroSpreadBroker.php Choose a True ECN Account at 500:1 Leverage – Americans can not join. Please don’t ask me what Broker to use if you are American.

To be fair. That I can’t really answer that.

It’s similar to where I have had people who had no money, and wanted to be my best and most motivated student I’ve ever had. They go on to say if my work really does do as I claim it does, then there should be no problem to give them my original work, invest my time, for them to only give up. I can’t take a gamble on people, not any more. People give up too easily.

But hey… All I can say is this, if you would like the opportunity to position yourself with a secondary source of money where in time you could possibly quit work (like I’ve helped my members do), then maybe it’s worth a shot? You’ll learn a lot in the mean time, regardless of your experience. I’m all about simple. I don’t like confusing matters.

You don’t need to have a degree, a bunch of ‘A’ levels. All you need is the ability to Read English, a bit of basic Math, Understand the English Voice (videos are in English – if you struggle with both of these re: English, it’s best you do not join), and your consistent, submit your exercises regularly so I can help. Then I see no reason why you would not succeed. Because everyone else who has, did succeed and they’re making an extra 1-18% a week, with a 100% win rate.

If you’re person who does not like to participate, who does not like to submit exercises, who does not like to be part of a team. Who creates excuses. Please, do us both a favor. Just close this browser window down and stick to your 9-5 crappy J.O.B (Just Over Broke).

I only want to invest my time into those who are truly wanting to do something about their situation, to provide better for their children and family. That’s where my motivation comes from.

Basically, if you want to see if you’re able to do this with practice and a good 3 months of your time, come join our community.

You never know, others who have never traded before, never knew me before, joined, practiced, and in 5 months he quit work and now trades full time (a few hours a day) at home (in bed).

I hear this a lot and it gives me a pleasant giggle feeling deep inside as I control my outburst of laughter.

People keep putting emphasis stating that it takes a long time to learn, or you need to be on your charts for hours to do well. That could not be completely further from the truth.

In all honesty. No one said you had to be pinned to the Forex Charts all day, it’s just some like to be glued to the charts.

I have members who work some really crazy hours. Some up to 16 hours a day. Yet they are able to do just fine.

Where there is a will, there is a way… Seriously. 30-60 minutes or so a day. Is all you need. And we all have more than this spare if we devote ourselves more each day. Otherwise, what’s the point in trying to do better if we give up too easily.

I’m here to help. We all are in our community. We leave no one left behind.

So yes, if you’re ready to join, we’d love to have you.

I would love to say yes. But I can’t.

This course is way too advanced. You’d need to know your way around the MT4 Trading Station; adding Shapes, Fibo’ Tool, Trend lines, understanding how candles are developed, basic knowledge of supply and demand, support and resistance, channels, compressions, distribution levels, High Low sequences and alike before any of the material in this course makes any sense.

If you feel you have these basic understandings of Forex, and know you could know more, then this could possibly be for you.