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do you want to quit work and live life how it should be?

You might be asking yourself, how is this even possible?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these bullet points. Then perhaps that’s the reason why you’re still stuck in that rut, and struggling to get ahead.


You tried your best, but failed.

They Failed You

You took a break and tried someone else to teach you, but they failed.

FX is a Scam

You thought FX was a Scam.

You Tried Others

you've tried many other courses / programs but wasn't successful.

Being let down

Struggled to find a committed Mentor / Coach

Stuck in MLM B.S

You got sucked into the MLM - Forex Scheme: Many people posting about it, thinking "what can go wrong here".

I could go and on…

Truth of the matter is. You’re being taught by people who are only interested in making sales. They care less about you, or your success. Their only #1 ambition is to screw you over in the long run. Giving you all sorts of promises, but fail to deliver. People like: Forever In Profit, Gods Strategy, Wealth Generators, iMarkets Live.

The list is endless…

YES! I did call those programs out. These people have no experience in the Forex Industry. They are Internet Marketers. NOT Traders. They will steal other people’s work and pass them on as their own. Or plagiarize someone else’s work.

I have 26 years of experience Trading the Binary and Forex Markets. Over 240,000 hours of Chart Experience. I’ve been there. I’ve done it – wore the T-Shirt so to speak. I’ve gone through the ups and downs of adversity and success. These other wannabes who failed you, have not. So it’s not your fault that you are not moving on successfully in this industry.

Let’s change that!

I truly want you to succeed. You don’t see my program being put out there to the masses. That’s because I’m constantly mentoring my students day in, day out, 7 days as week. Yes, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

Your success, is my success – AND I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! That much I can guarantee you on.

It's Now Time For You To Quit Work!

People from all over the world are coming to learn Forex from 26-year Day Trading Veteran in the hopes to quit their day jobs ~ and some already have!

Follow the Money FX is your one-stop shop to your trading needs. From A+ Day Trading Strategies to a Fully Comprehensive 153+ Video Forex Course to Highly Advanced Price Action Course to Binary Course to Binary & Forex Signals and anything in between. We live, eat and breath Forex & Binary!

Since joining, students have quit work and trade full time, while others try their best to find the time to quit the rat race. All awhile learning as they go along to secure a chance to trade our funds through our easy to follow educational program. Or to trade independently themselves, choosing their own hours all from the comfort of their Comfy couch at home.

Choose From One of Our Limited Time Only Package Deals Below

** Subscription plan below is only for the main FTM FX core Training. Visit the other pages to subscribe/read more about them. All prices are in USD. There are no refunds. We accept Master Card & Visa Debit or Credit Cards. All plans are auto-renewable until canceled which can be done directly via the members area. You accept the terms, conditions & disclaimer before joining and you agree that you are the card holder and person who placed the order.
Mini disclaimer: Results are not typical. As easy as our training is to follow. Results are based on how much time you are able to put in to your study.
** Premium & Platinum plans are subject to 2 renewals of subscription (premium = 1 year  total | platinum = 2 years total) before the Binary or Forex Course is given to you 100%. Any time before the 1 or 2 years is up, you are currently “leasing” the material. If next round of subscription (2 of 2) is not paid, access to the Binary and or Forex Course will be revoked.

Job Quitter
No More 9-5
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  • 100% Win Rate Indicator - $4,997 Value
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FREE Binary Course
$449.95PER 6 MONTHS
  • Binary Course - $2,997 Value
  • Forex Course - $5,997 Value
  • 100% Win Rate Indicator - $4,997 Value
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FREE Forex Course
$795.95PER YEAR
  • Forex Course - $5,997 Value
  • Binary Course - $2,997 Value
  • 100% Win Rate Indicator - $4,997 Value
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  • Upto 50% off Additional Services
Avid Trader
$249.95PER 3 MONTHS
  • Binary Course - $2,997 Value
  • Forex Course - $5,997 Value
  • 100% Win Rate Indicator - $4,997 Value
  • Trade With Us - Priceless
  • Upto 50% off Additional Services

Total Newbie Never Traded Forex Before 2,600 PIPS LIVE A/C

$49,540.10 In Value


Hands on  LIVE Webinars  Every 2nd Wednesday (Workshop) & Thursday (Trading)

Sharpen your skill set. Iron out prior baggage, improve trading psychology.

Earn while learning. No experience necessary – Proven!

Understanding Risk and Money Management – Properly! Ask any question under the sun about Trading.

Inside info revealed how to spot institutional levels. Spotting continuation patterns. Knowing where to place Take Profit Targets, understanding HH, HL, LH & LL sequences to propel more growth to your equity curve, and so much more.

Forex Private Coaching At Your Finger Tips

Having a Day Trading Strategy that works for beginners is great. Having a better understanding of how to find setups to position ourselves for potentially rewarding opportunities, is far much better.

Simply book an appointment with us, and within 2 hours you’ll be more confident, more aware of what to do. Every student who has booked an appointment have gone on to reading the markets correctly, resulting in better performance.

7 Main powerful strategies our members used to generate over 27,000 TP’s in a row

Ideal for Scalping, Intraday Trading, Medium to Long Term Position Trading, as well as Swing Trading.

Hands on mentoring to improve your confidence, understanding, execution timing of trades.

Works well on Binary, Stocks, Nadex, Commodities, Metals, Crypto Currencies, CFD’s, etc.

We want you to learn how to do this manually first before giving you the indicator to use:

Give a Man a Fish, He’ll eat for a day. Teach a Man to Fish, He’ll eat for a life time.

Stress-free trading Indicator  Provided after Training (usually within 2-4 weeks)

Indicator devised on one of our strongest trading methods – the strongest one that is responsible for a 100% win rate (results are not typical, but they will be if you practice).

Trade Remotely, Auto TP Function, Laser Focused Entries open no more than 25 minutes. Notifications sent to hand held device: Smart Phones, iPad/Tablets. Visual and Audio Alerts. Works on MT4 Trading Platform.

Beginners Guide to using MT4 Trading Platform

Everyone needs to start from somewhere. Ground up is usually best.

This video set will show you how to efficiently use the MT4 Trading platform that you will be using to knock these TP targets out of the park. all the information is contained in the members area to bring you fully up to speed and in sync with our other more seasoned club members.

High Precision Trading Tools

Precision entry indicators / trading templates, Order Flow scripts, & EA Trade Managers.

No more messing around adding all the components. Install once, Click Once and you?re ready to knock it out of the park.

Trade Forex from a different angle

Hate all the noise Japanese Candles leave behind? Then this is it.

It’s Ideal for the patient who like to trade medium to long term trading with lower risk than normal. Some of the best methods to look forward to is: Cash Tail, MA Long Range, PAR Break – with an alert indicator to catch those big moves. More methods being added once we have members hitting the $100K Trade Room.

Telegram Support & Trade Rooms FTM FX

  • FTM FX Support Room
  • FTM FX – $500 Trade Room
  • FTM FX – $100K Trade Room
  • FTM FX – $1M Trade Room

All our rooms are open 24/7. Myself &  seasoned members helping other members, real time help and education – no waiting long hours like all these other fake Fufu Traders.

Live Trade Rooms, real time entry calls and more.

The better you do, you’re promoted to the next room once you have made $500 or more in profit where we all help working towards $100,000 before everyone is promoted to the $1 Million Room. Where the fun stuff starts – offline & online joint ventures; Hotel Resorts, Night Clubs, Restaurants (Franchises), Limo Car Services. Helping local charities; Elderly, Disabled, etc.

Powerful, Easy to use Day Trading Strategies

Nearly two dozen more day trading strategies that can be used at the same time.

Learn how to adapt to the Markets. More you know, better you will be. Many say what is the point of learning lots of methods to trade. Answer: It’ll allow you to be more aware of where the market is heading towards. 1 Strategy is not good enough. You need to know several more to be a force to be reckoned with!

We’ll be using these methods as well as others I add to the Vault for the $100K Trading room.

These can be used on all time frames for scalping, Intraday and Medium/Long Term trading styles.

Japanese Candle Pattern Formations Forex Course

Over 30 videos and 5 hours of content on how to Spot Weak to Strong Candle formations – using the correct ones in the right places this is vary rare. Not many people/Traders will go this far in showing you exactly what to do.

This Candle Pattern course is the best out there. Most just show you the patterns. BUT not when to use them and most importantly WHERE and how to differentiate similar patterns that are weaker or stronger than other patterns that look the same. It’s all in the sentiment!

Your overall perspective on how to manipulate the markets in your favor is going to enhance 10 fold!

Day Trading Technical Study Articles

Detailed information with illustrations and or Videos.

Discover why Order Flow isn?t referred to, why Guru?s don?t show you how to spot REAL Supply & Demand.

How to Spot Market Maker Moves, Locating Take Profit Targets to the PIP.

Why using a Stop Loss is not necessary when adequate money management is being used. And 9 miles more of information.

Previously Recorded Webinars

Catch up on previous webinars held. Lots of gems in these videos.

Laser Focused discussions on if not all questions you will have, answered.

Each webinar session goes on for about 2-3 hours, some times longer. All webinars are interactive. Meaning, we record the students screens. They are putting the theory into practical. If you want to learn fast. Turning up to our Webinars in real time is a huge advantage.

You Owe it to yourself to Say No to a 9 to 5!