Trade for FTM FX

Trading for FTM FX is a simple process.

End of the day I?m looking for people who are able to commit themselves to being consistent. That?s trading every day, submitting examples for marking every day. Students who have, have been able to maintain a 100% win rate, while working with me to show them how trades can be open for the most part, no longer than 5 minutes before their TP?s are hit.

It?s required that you become a member for at least 3 months and during this 3 month period I?m looking for people to constantly post their live examples in our Telegram group for marking, or additional comments from myself to help you understand what you are seeing in better detail as each setup is different and needs to be approached differently. And posting the history results on my timeline as noted in the members area.

When Students have impressed me with their understandings while maintaining a 100% win rate, I will contact them and see if they would be interested in trading a $500 Live AUD account.

Every 2 weeks a withdrawal will be made, 50% will go to the student, 50% will stay in the account.

When the balance reaches a certain amount, the 50% commission goes up another 5% with a cap of 90% commission paid every 2 weeks from profits made (no trades are to be open when calculating payout).

More information will be available to students nearer the time they are reaching that level.